Rob Remitz

Rob Remitz grew up in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Westlake High School in West Austin.  

Mr. Remitz attended Murray State University and graduated in 1995 with a BA in Organizational Communications.

Upon graduation, Mr. Remitz took a job with Hiram Walker and Sons which owned distilled spirits brands like Makers Mark, Canadian Club, Kahlua, and many others. The TOP Team was founded in 1995 and lasted up until the sell-out of Hiram Walker brands to Allied Domecq and then was sold to several suppliers like Fortune Brands.

He moved to Chicago and worked for Hiram Walker as an On-Premise Manager and eventually moved to Houston, Texas where he worked on brands like Makers Mark and Tuaca. 

Mr. Remitz decided to take a break and try his luck as a professional golfer. Robert Remitz played in the Illinois Open twice, making the cut once, then a Nike Tour event. In 2000, he decided that golf was not his career.

Mr. Remitz then became an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry and he founded an online medical equipment distribution company called in 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona which is still in business today.

Now, Rob is the co-owner of CryoFit New Berlin and Delafield. He opened in June of 2017 and has been looking for ways to grow ever since. Cryofit is a recovery and wellness spa chain in Southeastern Wisconsin and Texas offering IV therapy, cryotherapy, vitamin injections, infrared therapy, and more. Rob works hard to keep CryoFit true to its roots and treating as many patients as possible.

A Brief Overview of Cryofit

Rob and Melanie give a brief overview of the services offered by Cryofit. Among them are cryofit therapy, infrared saunas, IV infusions and compression therapy. Regulars of Cryofit include professional and college athletes who want to stay at the top of their game and normal people seeking treatments for various conditions such as arthritis, weight loss and immune system complications.

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CryoFit works with people from all over Lake Country, Waukesha and Milwaukee.
New Berlin 15435 W National Ave. New Berlin, WI 53151 Delafield 2566 Sun Valley Dr. Delafield, WI 53018

Before my session, I felt pain and soreness. Afterward, I enjoyed the feeling of having less pain. I had great sleep that night and felt relaxed.

- Alejandro R.

Excellent customer service, the staff does a great job explaining everything in details to understand. I enjoy my session each time I go.

- Troy K.

This place is what you need if your looking to improve your health or keep your health. It’s a part of my weekly routine and Rob and Melany are awesome! They have lots of alternative health options and are ahead of the curve to make you feel fantastic. Be healthy and be active - Dave Cruikshank 4x Olympian Speed Skating.

- David Cruikshank

Melanie is so knowledgeable and welcoming. In fact all of her staff that I’ve met have been! You can tell they know what they are doing / talking about. Highly recommend. This is one of those places that you come back to because you love the treatment and the energy of the people putting their heart into the place. I hope they open up a center in the city some day ☺️

- Tess Halpern

Since I moved to Arizona, I have suffered from nightly allergic asthma attacks from February-June unless I took a daily anti-histamine. I tried multiple natural treatments in the past, such as herbs, acupuncture and enzymatic therapy, without any beneficial results. The regular anti-histamine use left me feeling groggy and fatigued. I nebulized an amniotic allograft from BioLabs in January 2019 and I have not had a single allergic asthma attack during this allergy season. This has been a life-changing treatment for me. There were numerous occasions where I thought I would have to leave Arizona because I couldn’t enjoy being outside for several months of the year. This year I was able to hike to my heart’s content, without any fear of worsening my allergic symptoms. This treatment has incredible potential for improving respiratory health, and I would encourage those suffering from respiratory conditions (other than cancer) to discuss it with their physician.
.5 cc vial of room temp amniotic allograft/nebulizer treatment”

- Jill Zdan, NMD