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Vitamin Injection Shots

Administered in New Berlin, WI

Vitamin injections are intramuscular injections that deliver vitamins and amino acids to muscle tissue. CryoFit vitamin shots will boost your vitamin levels to improve your mood, health, immunity, energy and hydration. Maintaining healthy vitamin levels could be the difference between feeling worn down and stressed out or feeling like you can accomplish anything.

Vitamin Absorption
Boost Your Immune System
Increased Energy
Support Liver & Brain Function

Another great benefit is all our clients can immediately resume their daily activities after receiving vitamin injections.

Why Choose Vitamin Injections over Oral Pills

When you consume vitamins in pill form, roughly half of the nutrients are actually absorbed and used by the body. With injectable vitamins or IV vitamin therapy, nutrients are injected straight into your bloodstream for maximum potency and absorption.

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Our vitamin injections take less than a minute to administer and are a safe & easy way to see immediate results and improvements in your body’s metabolic functions and immune health. Vitamin shot boosters are packed full of vitamins and minerals to improve weight loss, energy, mood, and stress:

Vitamin D3
$40Buy 12 get 30% off!
Inflammation Fighter +
Inflammation Fighter
Migraine Blaster
High Dose Vitamin C
$149/15 grams
$199/25 grams
$249/50 grams
$299/75 grams
$349/100 grams

Antioxidant found in all of your cells. It neutralizes free radicals and protects your cells by preventing cellular damage. Critical for immune function and controlling inflammation.

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Contributes to healthy blood cell, nerve cells and proteins in the body. B-12 helps metabolize fats and carbs.

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Vitamin C

Reduces risk of heart disease, inflammation, iron deficiency and high blood pressure. Vitamin C is necessary for tissue repair and helps boost your immune system by activating leukocytes.

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Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6. B-Complex contributes to every cellular process in the body. Helps burn fat and increase your energy levels & metabolic processes.


Enables your body to move long chain fatty acids from cells into mitochondria for converting fats into energy.


An antioxidant used to improve mental performance and prevent damage. It calms the sympathetic nervous system that responds stress.


Involved in functions as synthesis or degradation of major metabolites (i.e. carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids).


Reduces chronic stress and anxiety while also facilitating adrenal hormone production. B-5 is essential for the production of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and antibiotics.


Plays a vital role during the biosynthesis of creatine. Glycine also provides cells with energy by converting dietary nutrients into muscle tissue.


Converted into NO2 that dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. Nutrients then can flow more freely through your blood vessels.


Aids metabolizing fat tissue by converting fat cells into energy, especially in the liver. Lipo-B has been found to improve your mood, focus, alertness and brain function.

IV Vitamin Therapy Treatments

IV therapy was first published in 1883 by Dr. Thomas Latta in Great Britain. IV vitamin therapy is the most effective way to gain the full benefits of vitamins as the nutrients are delivered directly into a patient’s bloodstream. IV vitamin therapy is used today to treat a variety of symptoms including fibromyalgia, asthma, respiratory tract infections, seasonal allergies, cardiovascular disorders and more. IV vitamin therapy can also be used to stimulate brain function, boost your natural energy levels, combat symptoms of aging and boost your immune system.

CryoFit IV vitamin therapy can help treat and alleviate many different health conditions and ailments. Vitamin Injection shots start as low as $35. Full IV drip therapy begins at $99 with the higher-end NAD+ therapy sessions priced at $499. Add-on vitamin boosts are $10 each and can be added to any IV treatment of your choice.

Book your vitamin injection appointment online for fast relief and energy. Contact our New Berlin, WI vitamin specialists today to find the optimal treatment for you.

CryoFit works with people from all over Lake Country, Waukesha and Milwaukee.
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Before my session, I felt pain and soreness. Afterward, I enjoyed the feeling of having less pain. I had great sleep that night and felt relaxed.

- Alejandro R.

Excellent customer service, the staff does a great job explaining everything in details to understand. I enjoy my session each time I go.

- Troy K.

This place is what you need if your looking to improve your health or keep your health. It’s a part of my weekly routine and Rob and Melany are awesome! They have lots of alternative health options and are ahead of the curve to make you feel fantastic. Be healthy and be active - Dave Cruikshank 4x Olympian Speed Skating.

- David Cruikshank

Melanie is so knowledgeable and welcoming. In fact all of her staff that I’ve met have been! You can tell they know what they are doing / talking about. Highly recommend. This is one of those places that you come back to because you love the treatment and the energy of the people putting their heart into the place. I hope they open up a center in the city some day ☺️

- Tess Halpern

Since I moved to Arizona, I have suffered from nightly allergic asthma attacks from February-June unless I took a daily anti-histamine. I tried multiple natural treatments in the past, such as herbs, acupuncture and enzymatic therapy, without any beneficial results. The regular anti-histamine use left me feeling groggy and fatigued. I nebulized an amniotic allograft from BioLabs in January 2019 and I have not had a single allergic asthma attack during this allergy season. This has been a life-changing treatment for me. There were numerous occasions where I thought I would have to leave Arizona because I couldn’t enjoy being outside for several months of the year. This year I was able to hike to my heart’s content, without any fear of worsening my allergic symptoms. This treatment has incredible potential for improving respiratory health, and I would encourage those suffering from respiratory conditions (other than cancer) to discuss it with their physician.
.5 cc vial of room temp amniotic allograft/nebulizer treatment”

- Jill Zdan, NMD